Guide in Freelance Writing Career

 Guide in Freelance Writing Career


Freelancing writing is one of the most sought-after job in the freelance workforce in which a writer is typically contracted to be paid in doing a writing assignment or a series of writing assignments. A freelance writer usually works from home, and may have one or more clients to work for, depending on his or her availability. Thanks to the evolution of technology, both the freelance writers and their clients have an easy way to do business—the writers do most of their work using computers, and submit their deliverables via the Internet while clients pay them using secured online payment services.

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Survival Tips in Freelance Graphic Designing

Survival Tips in Freelance Graphic Designing 2


Having a career in graphic designing means that you are expected to generate original and creative ideas to your respective clients, and to transform these ideas that can yield profit. However, if you don’t have a client to work with, you may eventually feel stuck in looking for one. Competition is quite rough in this field because there are also people of the same profession and skillset as you, but, of course, you all share different passion and talent. When you do freelance graphic designing, you need to guarantee that you are ready to take over your own career because a freelancing environment is different from a typical office environment. You setup your own personal workspace, and you allot your own time to accommodate projects with your clients.

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The Right Ergonomics In Front Of The Computer

The Right Ergonomics In Front of Your Computer 2


Sitting in front of your computer or your laptop is already a necessity when you do office work or freelancing. In order to boost productivity and to be comfortable while working, we should be aware of a strong ergonomics integration. Ergonomics is a user-centered design that ensures satisfactory interaction between people and the environment. It also promotes good health in a working ambiance so that you can work safer and more efficient. Most people are not fully aware of the impact of incorrect posture on their bodies when spending countless hours in front of the computer. Back pain and other musculoskeletal disorders are usually prevalent among people who do not practice proper ergonomics.

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Freelancing Quotes to Inspire You

Freelancing Quotes

Freelancing is not always easy. In fact, it can oftentimes feel like a roller coaster ride.

Sometimes your schedule will be packed full of great projects from awesome clients but there will also be lean seasons when there are few to no projects at all. When the latter happens, it can be so easy to get discouraged and give up. But know that it’s still possible to get out of that rut.

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Should You Hire a Raketeer or An Employee?

Small business owners may start off doing everything on their own but time will come when hiring help becomes inevitable.

When it comes to hiring, two options are available - hiring employees or independent contractors such as Raketeers. An employee is in-house help who can grow with your business, while an independent contractor is typically hired only for a specific project for a limited time. 

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