What People Say

As a self-proclaimed writer/artist/planner, Raket.ph helped me do the things I love the most. At first I was doubtful that somebody would even contact me, but soon enough someone did, and it opened a whole new opportunity for me. Getting these unexpected projects provided me the break that I needed while still being able to make money.

Amiel Ortega - Event Coordinator, Graphic Artist, Marketing Associate

Security management is a rare skill, with Raket.ph I was given the opportunity to expand my reach as a consultant. So I really thank Raket.ph for this. Through them, I could now expand my network to more people and cater my services on a bigger scale. Keep it up Raket.ph! P.S. Great idea!

Xerxes Kiok Kan - IT Security Expert

Great job Raket.ph! Thank god now you exist! In my industry, everything is really based on network. With you being there, it's now easier for me to get projects! Amazing! I hope more people would discover Raket.ph, indeed a great tool for freelancers like me! God speed!

Ryan James Uriarte - Bartender, Party Organizer

As a new freelance developer, it was hard for me to find projects. With the help of Raket.ph, I can now fit myself into the freelancing world. It gave me the chance to meet outstanding clients and great professionals. Raket.ph is a gift sent from heaven. Keep it up guys! I’m honored to be part of the Raket.ph community.

John Micah F. Miguel - Applications Developer

It’s always been my dream to have a software company of my own and build solutions for everyday problems. Raket.ph brings plenty of opportunities to realize that dream right after quitting my day job. It's still a long way, but I’m working hard to get new projects and meet other people with similar interest - and I’m glad to have Raket.ph at my side!

James Russell Orola - Mobile App Developer

Thank you Raket.ph for giving me the opportunity to share what I can do to other people. Before this, it was really hard for me to find gigs. Clients started coming in with your help. I hope others will discover the same too. Thank you very much and more power to your site!

Allyson Antonio - DJ, Photographer, Videographer

I felt that everyone deserves a career that would best support them. Raket.ph has shown me that there is hope. For me, it lifted a lot of issues for those who are having a hard time finding a job. It allowed people to find who they are looking for and at the same time help those who would like to earn for a living. More power, Raket.ph!

Kristia Anne Suarez - IT Instructor

I have been a freelance web developer for four years now. Most of my clients are from abroad but with Raket.ph I was able to increase opportunities from local clients for about two to three projects a month. I highly recommend Raket.ph for Filipino freelancers especially for those who are starting! Thank you so much!

Ruel Nopal - Web Developer

I've always thought Raket.ph was like all the other online job platforms. I couldn't be more glad that I was wrong. Raket.ph gives you an opportunity that no other site offers. I'm really happy that Raket.ph gave me the opportunity to hone my skills and build my portfolio. Kudos to your team!

Aubrey Arboleda - Writer, Editor, Researcher

Raket is a great platform to showcase freelancers like me and for others in different fields of interest. I have got the chance to know a few employers who hired me for different gigs. Raket.ph is free and very helpful especially for those who are starting. More power to you guys and god bless!!!

Janniah Ruby A. Fajardo - Writer, Host

Since joining, I've been getting more project opportunities, ranging from animation and video production. I made an effort to be more active in the site, and in turn, I got approached by big brands and that's pretty awesome. Aside from these things, Raket.ph is also a great platform to meet new people and build a strong network.

Angelo Angustia - Animator, Videographer

Raket.ph has allowed clients to easily find me based on their specific project needs. The Raket.ph team has also always been 100% responsive and supportive whenever I brought up any concerns regarding my user experience, not only as as freelancer, but as a person, too. Thanks, Raket.ph!

Melissa Glorianne Cabral - Multi-Disciplinary Artist, Writer

I'm glad that I got on Raket.ph. It helped me find freelance work and gigs, which is not as easy as it sounds. Aside from that, companies who've seen my profile have offered me full-time positions. Having a day job means that I don't have the time to seek out these projects, and Raket.ph simplifies things by letting the people behind these projects find me.

James Kristoffer Lontoc - Creative Writer, Editor, Blogger

As a freelancer on Raket.ph, we have been able to work cost-efficiently with a variety of people… no matter where we are. We can’t even count the benefits. It has been truly an amazing experience since we started here. Highly recommended for starting and experienced freelancers. Keep it up Raket.ph!

Archie Disono - Web & Mobile App Developer

Raket.ph helped me get my business started as a newbie in the events industry. Seeking for clients is a major challenge for us freelancers; Raket.ph made it much easier and possible. Through the site, clients are able to find you and that's how projects come after another. Thank you and keep up the good work!

Cheska Pineda - Events Organizer, Project Manager, Marketing Consultant

My experience with Raket.ph has been great. The site has a fool-proof interface which makes Raketeers like me to conveniently create a profile and get started right away. I immediately received e-mails, texts, and even calls from clients who wanted to hire me. Join our community and provide virtual assistance for clients!

Mary Luz Advincula - Virtual Assistant